Thank you, members!

To All Members:

The Democratic Disability Caucus of Florida will be having a membership meeting on Saturday June 13th from 2 PM til 3 PM in rooms 312/313 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL during Leadership Blue weekend. We will be discussing issues that went on during Legislative Session, meeting 2016 Candidates and also voting on the following changes to our Bylaws which will take effect immediately if passed. Changes to the Bylaws are as follows:

Article IV Officers Section 2 General Provisions, 
Section B Changing elections for Officers to EVERY 
OTHER State Convention Beginning THIS YEAR 2015.

Section C Changing the term of office for Officers to FOUR (4) years From TWO (2) years

Section D ELIMINATING the TERM LIMIT of 2 terms and leaving it blank.

AND in Article V Election Of Officers Section 4, DECREASING the amount of time that a Candidate for President can speak from 10 minutes to 5 minutes and the time that Candidates for Other Offices can speak from 10 Minutes to 3 Minutes.

These PROPOSED Changes will make for smoother transitions and easier elections.

Please plan on attending and voting

Thank you

Bill Rettinger, President, Democratic Disability Caucus of Florida

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