Bill Watch: HB 69 and SB 330

The DEMOCRATIC DISABILITY CAUCUS OF FLORIDA IS supporting HB69 & SB 330 – Rescue Device Bills for Individuals with Special Needs

Currently,  HB 69 & SB 330:

Establishes a variety of requirements relating to how state & local law enforcement agencies respond to and investigate reports of missing & endangered persons.  They expand the definition of the term “missing endangered person” to include “a missing person with special needs who is at risk of becoming lost or is prone to wander due to autism spectrum disorder, a developmental disability, or any other disease or condition.”

Authorizes any person to submit a missing endangered person report concerning a missing person with special needs to the Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse (MEPIC) (so long as they have reported the person with special needs missing to a local law enforcement agency and the agency has entered the report into Florida Crime Information Center/National Crime Information Center);  and grants civil immunity to specified parties responding to a law enforcement agency’s request to broadcast information relating to a missing person with special needs.

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