Orange County DDC Press Rally a Success!

The Orange County Democratic Disability Caucus (OCDDC) hosted a Press Conference and Rally on Wednesday May 27, 2015 on the patio of DOC’s Streetside Grille across from Orlando Regional Medical Center at 10:00 A.M. The Conference & Rally were in protest to the failure of the State Legislature to pass comprehensive healthcare reform for Florida’s citizens.

Democrats from across the state were in attendance to present a unified front and included Representatives from the Democratic Hispanic Caucus, Rainbow Dems, Florida Young Democrats, and representatives of the chapters of the Florida Democratic Disability Caucus.

Speakers included Orange County Democratic Disability Caucus President Tiffany Namey, Florida DDC President Bill Rettinger, Orange County DDC Vice President and current Medicaid recipient Wes Hodge, Orange County Democratic Executive Committee Chair Carlos Smith, Former State Representative Linda Stuart, and House Representative Victor Torres.

The event was well attended by local tv, print & other media.  The links to media coverage will be posted upon availability.


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